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X-ray crystallography is routinely used to determine protein structures. However, a key emerging technology is creating a range of new opportunities: XFEL sources. XFELs are enabling structure determination from nanocrystalline samples by measuring only a few unit cells across.

We are involved in three major areas of development in this field:

Delivery systems:

There are a number of different delivery systems available for data collection of nanocrystals which include

  • GVDN liquid jet
  • electrospray jet
  • LCP jet
  • fix target supports

Preliminary data:

We are able to test samples and provide support and expertise in writing proposal for XFEL time. We have a team that travels to XFELs regularly for data collection and are able to help with data collection and analysis of the data.

Current projects:

We collaborate with a number of national and international groups  (CFEL, LCLS, European XFEL, UQ, AS) to strive at excellence in obtaining nanocrystallography data using the latest delivery systems available to minimise crystal consumption.

For further information or interest in collaborating please contact us.