Data collection can be challenging and requires the use of the latest serial crystallography delivery systems. These systems can be quite different than those used for conventional crystallography. This is a rapidly growing field and a number of different setups are currently available. We have expert users in the group who currently travel to a number of XFEL experiments in the group that are able to use a variety of delivery systems to collect data.

Several sample setups are currently available for use at XFELs depending on the beamline you are using. Jet delivery systems allow rapid data collection of crystals by flowing the crystals past the XFEL beam. There are a number of jet delivery systems currently available which include:

  • GVDN (liquid) jet – suitable for samples which are able to be scaled up into high volumes >5mls
  • LCP jet –suitable for crystals stable in highly viscous lipidic cubic phase lipids
  • Electrospray
  • Many more currently under development

Fixed target systems are also available for use which have more flexibility in your sample conditions. These fixed target systems require samples to be mounted on some type of substrate and can either be attached to a goniometer system or a specific sample holder. This has the flexibility of both room temperature and cryo-cooled temperature data collection.

Depending on your sample requirements we have the ability to adapt the data collection method to suit your sample. Testing of your samples can be carried out ‘in house’ and at the Australian Synchrotron to check its suitability for XFEL experiments.

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